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Glad you made it

This site is the home of Boyd's Custom Minimates. Right now this site is a work in progress, so things will be changing, being corrected or being replaced. The plan right now is to do an update regularly, so check back often.

Two new customs added

First off, a big thanks to Joe Acevedo for putting together CustomCon 11 this month. It's a great event where people can show off their custom figures, and I want to thank Joe for putting it together year after year. Go check it out if you haven't seen it already.

I've added two new customs to the site - classic Spider-man villain Hobgoblin and a special custom of the disco mutant Dazzler done by my wife Sarah. It's her first custom figure, and I think she did a great job with it.

Happy Halloween!

And to celebrate the holiday, I give you a new custom — Jack O'Lantern. Go check him out, and have fun this Halloween.

New Spider-Man villain added

Actually, he's the last of my Spider-Man villains for a while — the metallic yet obscure Molten Man. Please go and see this strange metal-hued man, won't you?

New robotic custom added

He's purple and a robot. And since my Robot Barney minimate isn't ready for display yet, it must be my Machine Man custom.

Two customs for December

Boy, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where does the time go? Thankfully, some of it went into making more customs. So please enjoy mad geneticist Arnim Zola and Joe Fixit, aka the Gray Hulk.

Big plans are afoot for 2005. How big you ask? How about a section for DC Minimate customs? That big enough for you? So please stop by in January and see the bigness.