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Happy Creepy New Year

So how was everyone's December? Everyone have a good holiday? Glad to hear it. Hope 2006 is treating you well so far.

As promised, I'm back and making with the new customs just for you. First up, one of my favorite Steve Ditko creations - the wacky vigilante the Creeper.

It's a Good Knight

The Spider-Man Minimate got Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy Minimates to keep him company. But did Daredevil get a Karen Page to date? No. Did Superman get a Lois Lane to live with? No. Dozens of Minimates are left with no one to love, and I say it's time to right this injustice. Let's give the Minimates their wives, husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends!

I'll lead the charge with a custom of Iron Fist's longtime girlfriend (and kick-ass character in her own right) Misty Knight. Go see, and let Minimate love rule.

You Got Superman in my Batman!

He's two great tastes that go great together - he's the Composite Superman, the man who hates Superman and Batman so much he dresses like them. And he's the latest custom for this site - go check him out.

Bring on the Bad Guys

Two new villains join my group of customs tonight. Villain #1 is Amazo in his classic comic book form, not the tall, plain version from the Justice League cartoon. You can tell the difference between them because mine isn't gold.

Villain #2 is the slightly-obscure Kryptonite Man who's power is deadly, but only if you're from Krypton. Go see their glory.

The Mutant in the Iron Mask

Today's new custom Minimate is the X-Man character Xorn, who's mutant power was that he had a star for a head. Wolverine may be popular, but he just can't compete with a man whose head is a ionized ball of plasma burning at millions of degrees.

Doctor in the House

I've finished a bunch of DC Universe characters from or related-to the Justice Society of America - enough to have a month of new JSA customs. So let's get started with the team's longtime magic guru, Doctor Fate.


Let's continue with the parade of JSA characters with Johnny Thunder. The combination of the slightly-dim Johnny with the powerful but sarcastic Thunderbolt became a successful duo much like peanut butter and chocolate, Power Man and Iron Fist, or Sonny and Cher.

All-Star Couple

They sit on a shelf near my computer, looking at me sadly with their printed eyes. I can hear them quietly saying "There's a whole bunch of finished customs just sitting here. When are you going to update your site? When will it be my turn to be featured on the site?" Well, for two customs, that time is now. The rest of you will have to wait, and get out of my head.

This time it's two characters who were members of the All-Star Squadron, which was the DC comic from the 1980's that was set in the 1940's. It had a lot of appearances of the JSA, so I'm lumping these two in with my bunch of JSA customs - Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle.

CustomCon 14

It's CustomCon time again - the annual online get-together for customizers to show off their work. I wasn't able to get a decent entry together in time, but my wife was. Her entry, "Where The Wild Things Are" Minimates went live today - you can check them out here.

And as always, check out the rest of CustomCon to see some great work done by talented people.

More of the All-Stars

A little about the All-Star Squadron comic - writer Roy Thomas loved the super-heroes of the 1940's, and All-star Squadron was his chance to write about them. Though the comic officially starred every DC super hero active in the 1940's, Roy put together a "featured cast" of a half-dozen characters that appeared in nearly every issue. This gave readers familiar faces to follow and gave Roy characters to develop over the title's run. Today's customs are two the "featured cast" - Firebrand and the Tarantula.

Wrapping up the JSA

Finally, I present the final two of my recent batch of JSA members - The Flash and Wildcat.

More customs coming soon, and my response to the announcement of official DC Minimates.

Guess I don't have to make Booster Gold, now...

Some of the biggest Minimate news this year was the announcement of DC Minimates. And I'm quite excited about it - Diverse characters! Cool accessories! It's great news, but now I feel silly having made a Blue Beetle custom. Who knew we were going to get an official one? Or Dr. Fate? If they ever make Jack Kirby's OMAC, I'll eat my DC Customs in protest.

Oh, and here's the Captain Atom custom I made to keep Beetle company. I'm sure he's coming next year with a Rocket Red Minimate...

Totally Awesome!

Comic characters change. Sometimes they get married, or die, or reveal their secret identities in huge press conferences. And some characters change, but still stay awesome! I present my latest custom from the recent She-Hulk comic - Awesome Andy.

Big Talk About Minimates

Sometimes you don't want to look at Minimates - you want to talk about them. In that case, I suggest you visit Minimate Multiverse, the new forum devoted to all things Minimate.

Catch a Wave

With DC Minimates coming and making sure that we have all the Batman and Superman Minimates we can handle (and I won't be happy until we have a Superman Robot Minimate, or Superman Blue and Superman Red), who's showing the love for the obscure DC characters? Me, that's who! Check out the latest customs from the not-so-popular corners of the DC Universe - the Golden Age Ray and Waverider.

Holy Radioactivity, Batman!

Before DC Minimates can overwhelm us with Batman variants, I present my own - Kryptonite Batman. Remember - your collection isn't complete until you have a translucent green Batman.

Summer Buddy Picture Blockbuster

He's a genius entomologist with identity problems and the ability to change size! He's an obscure DC hero who's a master of disguise, yet always wears a black turtleneck! Together, they fight crime! No, wait, they're Ant-Man and Nemesis - the latest Minimate customs!

Life, CustomCon, and Everything Else

Sure, it's been a while since I've updated the site. And I'm sorry, but I've been busy with non-Minimate stuff. But I promise there's a big site update coming soon.

In the meantime, why not enjoy CustomCon, the annual online get-together for customizers to show off their work? Today is the final day of CustomCon 15, and my contribution went live - the Legion of Doom from the "Super Friends" cartoon in wonderful Minimate form.

And as always, check out the rest of CustomCon to see some great work done by talented people.

X-traordinary Update

So, the site just passed it's two year anniversary. Time to redecorate!

This is more than just an update to the look and feel. I've added a new section - Other Customs - that contains things that don't fall neatly into "Marvel" or "DC". There's a new Links section on the About Boyd page that covers some of the finest Minimate-related sites available today.

Oh, and here's some new customs too! It's the first class of the X-Men, in their original costumes as seen on the cover of X-Men #1! Check them out here - Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman, and Marvel Girl.

Boo! Update! Boo!

It's Halloween, so do something Halloween-like! Go dress up and get some candy! Carve a pumpkin! Try to resurrect the dead! Or check up the latest custom added to the site - Dracula, the Lord of Vampires!

"Villains of Gotham City Month" Begins!

Like any fictional comic book city, Gotham City is a town full of dangers. From high property taxes, restaurants that can't pass their health inspections and the overpopulation of bats, Gotham City is a town rife with perils. And one of the biggest threats is the large number of super-villains that call Gotham home.

So this month we'll take a closer look at some of the people who constantly threaten Gotham City in "Villains of Gotham City Month". Let's start with the buxomy bloodthirsty botanist - Poison Ivy.

"Villains of Gotham City Month" Continues!

"Villains of Gotham City Month" continues this week with the Killer from the Kremlin - the KGBeast! Introduced during the Reagan-era of the Cold War, the KGBeast is now just an unfortunate, unfunny relic of the Cold War like Yakok Smirnoff.

"Villains of Gotham City Month" Goes On!

This week on "Villains of Gotham City Month" we go to the movies! It's Phantasm, the protagonist from the 90's animated Batman movie "Mask of the Phantasm". It's just like the movie, if the movie had no motion, sound, and consisted entirely of Minimate customs.

"Villains of Gotham City Month" Calls It Quits!

Just as November comes to an end, the "Villains of Gotham City Month" must also end. But not without first presenting you with another Batman villian - Deadshot, the Batman villain with the best aim! Check him out!