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A New Year, a New Section

I really meant to have this up sooner, but the holidays were so pleasant and distracting, and then there were computer repairs, but you're not here for excuses! You're here for new custom Minimates! New Minimates from DC Comics! I proudly present the first set of my custom Minimates from the DC Universe — Deadman, Ambush Bug, The Question, and the Golden Age Sandman!

A few more DC characters will be added later this month, so check back in a week or two.

More DC character customs

I'm pleased to present two new DC character customs — the Human Bomb and the poorly-named Dr. Occult (he's actually a detective).

Preparations are being made for a special Minimate celebration in February. Every week will have a new Minimate that honors the many different identities of one man. Please join me in February for Hank Pym Month, won't you?

Hank Pym Month

Hank Pym Month officially begins now with the new Dr. Pym Minimate. It's not his flashiest costumed identity, but it's one that West Coast Avengers fans will appreciate. Rush there now.

Why celebrate Hank Pym Month? Because February is a short month, and so is Ant Man.

Hank Pym Month rolls on

Hank Pym Month enters its second week with its second tribute to a Hank Pym identity Giant-Man! He's really tall, so if you go and look you'll have a hard time missing him.

Why celebrate Hank Pym Month? Because Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day and Groundhog Day just isn't enough for February.

Hank Pym Month marches forward

Hank Pym Month continues with another tall hero — Goliath! And this week, I've included a bonus Goliath — Black Goliath! Please check out these twin towers of justice.

Why celebrate Hank Pym Month? Because we forgot to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Hank Pym Month just keep going

Hank Pym Month starts its final week with Hank's fourth costumed identity — Yellowjacket. It's the one he had when he married the Wasp and had that messy mental breakdown with the Avengers — you know, that one. Go take a look.

Why celebrate Hank Pym Month? Because celebrating Hank Pym Year would just be silly.

Double your She-Hulk pleasure

More new green customs, just in time for your St. Patrick's Day green custom needs. Here's She-Hulk and Fantastic Four She-Hulk. Who says Wolverine should be the only Minimate with multiple versions?

Ghostly new custom

He's a comic book ghost who's barely dressed and not Casper – it's The Spectre, now available for your viewing pleasure.

Another theme month is in the work for April - April Fool's month, where each week a different silly character or dumb idea will get their due. So please join us in April where the fools will rule.

April Fool's month begins

A month-long celebration of lame characters and lame ideas begins today with The 3-D Man. He's a character that embraces and epitomizes everything that 3-D movies mean to society. Or he's just another lame super hero that was loosely based around a cultural fad — you pick.

CustomCon 12

A quick update to let you know that my entry for CustomCon 12 went live today. Please feel free to check out my entry, the Minimate Doom Patrol.

You can find out more about CustomCon 12 here. There's a lot of great customs being shown this week, and I invite you to check them out.

And come back Friday for the continuing celebration of April Fool's month with another foolish Minimate.

More CustomCon 12 news

One more quick update about CustomCon 12 today - my wife's contribution, The Dazzler Collection, is now live. Feel free to look at her customs and share her love of disco and Dazzler.

April Fool's month

Spider-Man is not a foolish character. Putting Spider-Man in a suit of armor – that's a silly idea. And worthy of celebration during April Fool's month. This week I present you with Spider-Armor Spider-Man.

April Fool's month

We barrel on through April Fool's month like we're an 18-wheeler with the hammer down trying to stay ahead of Smokey. This week it's Razorback, the super-hero tribute to southern truckers everywhere.

April Fool's month

We race on with April Fool's month festival with the Whizzer. He's a speedy total package of foolishness - bad name with a bad origin.

April Fool's month

Zombies are cool, right? A super hero that deals with zombies should be cool too, right? Sadly, we prove this wrong with the final participant in April Fool's month – Brother Voodoo.

CustomCon contributions

I've added my CustomCon contributions to the site, two eras of Doom Patrol members and their allies. Check out the classic Doom Patrol and the Vertigo-Era Doom Patrol. And while you're doing that, check out my wife's entry in CustomCon - X-Men Dazzler Minimate.

In a week or so I should be adding another newly-customized super-group of Minimates to the site. Stay tuned.

Justice - Midwest Style

Fighting for the American Way, especially if it happens in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and possibly Nebraska, it's the latest set of Minimate customs - The Great Lakes Avengers! Go see the varied and unique members of this team now.

Pistol-packing heroes

Two new gun-wielding customs today - The Crimson Avenger and Hitman. Check them out or risk feeling the wrath of the NRA.

Not thinking about much...

In honor of the Fantastic Four movie (coming soon to a theater near you), I present the two latest customs - The Mad Thinker and his Awesome Android.

More villains coming next week. Then in July - the big Captain America character blowout!

"Nefarious" means "evil"

Hey, want another villain custom? Want a guy who's a big threat to the Avengers (besides Kang, Ultron, Korvac, or the Masters of Evil)? Then try Count Nefaria, the ionic-powered supervillain.

This rampage of villains will continue next week. And then in July - the big Captain America character blow-out!

Little red evil hood

Continuing the recent rampage of villains, I present the original Red Hood, a minor villain who went on to greater things.

And next week - the big Captain America character blow-out! Villains! Allies! Be there!

The big Captain America blowout!

It's here - a whole bunch of customs featuring Captain America's friends and enemies! And for starters, here's an enemy - Crossbones, the Red Skull's henchman! He may look a little like a pirate, but trust me, he's not.

The big Captain America blowout continues!

The parade of Captain America friends & enemies customs continues with two entries this week. This week check out Cap's girlfriend for much of the 90's, Diamondback! And see one of Cap's many partners, the dynamic D-Man! Check them out, won't you?

More from the big Captain America blowout!

We continue the string of Captain America friends & enemies customs with one of his most kill-happy villains, the Scourge of the Underworld! You could say he has a killer smile, but since he wears a mask that would be silly.

The big Captain America blowout won't stop!

More of Captain America friends & enemies customs with another of his villains, Machinesmith! He's probably not a Cap villain that a lot of people know, but outside of the Red Skull, how many Cap villains do people know, anyway?

Putting an end to the big Captain America blowout!

Finally, we reach the last of Captain America friends & enemies customs with his most-French villain, Batroc the Leaper! Sacre bleu, indeed!

Strange? You bet!

With vacations taken and family visited, I have the time to update the site again. So let's update with the Silver Age swashbuckling space super-hero Adam Strange! Please bring your own ray gun and jet pack.

No lock, just key

Onward with more customs! Onward with the obscure Silver Age Justice League villain who got a much-needed makeover by Grant Morrison but that was too hard to do as a custom so I did him with his Silver Age appearance The Key!

Old School OMAC

Today's custom - the original OMAC. Have you seen those OMACs running around in the the latest comic book universe crossover? This is where it all started.

Here come the ladies

There's a lot of serious thought put into doing my customs. I consider factors like difficulty, my fondness for the character, and whether or not Art Asylum will make them as Minimates. So what happens when two customs I've already completed are released in the latest waves of Minimates? Find out when you take a look at my Spider-Woman and my never-before-seen Spider-Woman II customs.

And to round things out, a custom done because I had an extra Thing Minimate - She-Thing.

New look, new theme month

This site is about a year old now. Time to change its look.

It's also time to launch another theme month. For the next four weeks, I'll be introducing a new custom from the DC Universe who's name begins with the letter A. So come back often this month to take part in "Four DC Customs With Names That Start With The Letter A Month".

This week - Aquaman.

Four DC Customs With Names That Start With
The Letter A Month Continues

Man, I need to come up with a better title for this month.

Anyway, this week's custom - The Atom, the Shrinking Super Hero (a.k.a. the Tiny Titan, the Minuscule Marvel, or the Short & Saintly).

F.D.C.C.W.N.T.S.W.T.L.A. Month Continues

For those of you who are new to the site, that acronym stands for "Four DC Customs With Names That Start With The Letter A". Which means I need to show you a new custom for this week. And he shall be Animal Man, the super hero with the power of animals. Which is better than the power of vegetables.

CustomCon 13

A quick update to let you know that my entry for CustomCon 13 went live today. I don't want to spoil what it is, but it's a bunch of friends who are super. You might say they're a group of "super friends". Go see already.

And take the time to look through the other days of CustomCon 13. A lot of great customs have been shown the past weeks from Minimates to Marvel Legends, and it's worth your time to check it out.

And stop by this weekend for the final entry in the "Four DC Customs With Names That Start With The Letter A" Month. Here's a hint - his name begins with "A".

The End of F.D.C.C.W.N.T.S.W.T.L.A. Month

Prepare for the last entry in the "Four DC Customs With Names That Start With The Letter A" month of celebration. Today I present you with my Atom-Smasher, the super-heroic giant. You might know him better as that really tall guy in the background from the Justice League cartoon.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Haloowen Minimate image

WizardWorld Texas

It's the last WizardWorld convention of the year! In my state! And my wife and I went on Saturday! Here's the good and bad:

GOOD: Scored free tickets.
BAD: Overall the convention was disappointing. Some good spots (Artist Alley), but a general lack of programming, or comics. But if you wanted to buy overpriced Marvel Legends figures, this was the place.
GOOD: The second wave of Street Fighter Minimates were on display. They look much better in person than the preview shots that were released.
BAD: No new Marvel Minimates.
GOOD: Got the blue promo Minimate.
BAD: My wife won the Silver Spider-Man, and she won't give him up.

Love you Sarah. Please share.

My Custom Minimate Contest entry

Over at the Art Asylum forum, a nice guy named Fujis is having a contest for Minimate customizers. So I decided to enter Johnny Sorrow, DC Comics villain with an other-dimensional head. Check him out, and go take a look at the other entries in the contest - I really like the Brood Minimate.

I've also been nominated for Fujis' Minimate Customizer of the Year award. It's an honor and I'd like to thank everyone who visits this site and those of you who took the time to nominate me.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice...

I've been meaning to put these on my site for a while - my entries for CustomCon 13, The Super Friends! Well, the Super Friends who were created just for the cartoon and have no chance of ever being made as official Minimates. So check out Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, El Dorado, Samurai, and The Wonder Twins!

In Control

I'm off for a week or so for Thanksgiving. Please enjoy this latest custom while I'm away (who's not Thanksgiving-themed) - Iron Man's foe, the Controller.


First, a new custom - the Radioactive Man, the villain who can make you sterile.

Second, an announcement - This is going to be the only custom I add to my site this month. I'm taking a vacation from the site to devote more time to the holidays, family and other design projects that I've been procrastinating on. I'll be back adding more customs to the site starting in January 2006.